List of Participants

Order Name University Type Abstract Title Situation
1 Assist. Prof. Dr. Veli Capali Suleyman Demirel University Online Presentation TBA Accept
2 Dr. Ahmed ANBER USTO Oran, Algeria Online Presentation ICRAPAM 2021 Accept
3 Prof. Dr. Ziyatkhan Aliyev Baku State University Oral On the spectral problem describing bending vibrations of a rod, at one end of which mass is concentrated, and at the other end of inertial mass Accept
4 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Faiq Namazov Baku State University Oral Bifurcation of solutions of some nonlinear eigenvalue problems with a spectral parameter contained in the boundary conditions Accept
5 Dr. Mehsin Jabel Atteya University of Leicester Online Presentation Skew-Homogeneralized Derivations of Rings Accept
6 Dr. DELALI Fatima Zohra USTO Oran University, Algeria Online Presentation ICRAPAM 2021 Accept
7 Dr. Rabia Savaş Sakarya University Online Presentation lll Accept
8 Prof. Dr. Ali Akhmedov Baku State University Oral Multiple Band Difference Operator – Matrices with Returned Sequences Accept
9 Prof. Dr. Abdellah Ould khal Med V University Poster On the Functional laws of increament of Wienner Process Accept
10 Prof. Dr. Alma Abylkassymova Kazakh national pedagogical university after Abay Online Presentation On the methodological support of teaching mathematics at school and pedagogical institution in the context of updating the content of school education Accept
11 Select Title (*) Aytekin ENVER Gazi University Poster The History of Mathematics in Stamps Under Review
12 Dr. MERZOUK Hind Mohamed Seddik Ben Yahia University, Jijel, Algeria Online Presentation Symmetric Function of Binary Product of 2-Orthogomal Polynomials Accept
13 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Migdad Ismailov Baku State University Oral Analogue of the Hausdorff-Young theorem in grand Hardy spaces Accept
14 Select Title (*) Eldost İsmayılov +9945385423 Oral Accept
15 Türkan Əsədova Baku State University Oral Salam. Matematik sahəsində yenilikler yapacağım için bu kimi konfrenslara katılmak çok büyük bilgi kazandırmış olacak. Under Review
16 Prof. Dr. Nassima KHALDI University of science and technology of Oran mohamed Boudiaf- Algeria Online Presentation STABILITY OF ESSENTIAL SPECTRA OF CLOSED OPERATORS UNDER T-COMPACT EQUIVALENCE AND APPLICATIONS Accept
17 Dr. Kanat Tulenov Al-Farabi Kazakh National University Oral Multidimensioanl Hilbert operator Accept
18 Dr. abdellah Ould khal Med V University Poster on the functional laws of the increments of Wienner process Accept
19 Select Title (*) Nurlan Yerkinbayev Institute of Mathematics and Mathematical Modeling, Kazakhstan Oral Noetherian solvability and explicit solution of a singular integral equation with weighted Carleman shift in fractional space Accept
20 Select Title (*) Sevinç TAŞ Necmettin Erbakan University Online Presentation Examining the Opinions of Individuals from Different Education Levels on Mathematics Games within the Mathematics Festival Accept
21 Abir Benyoucef Badji Mokhtar Online Presentation Inverse source problem for Poisson equation Accept
22 Assist. Prof. Dr. Jihen TRABELSI Monastir University Poster The Use of Geometric Form in Clothing Design Accept
23 Dr. Nazan Polat Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University Oral Soft Rings and Soft Topological Rings Accept
24 Dr. Elif BAŞKAYA Karadeniz Technical University Online Presentation Estimates for the Eigenvalues of Sturm-Liouville Problems with Symmetric Double Well Potential Accept
25 Başlık Seçin (*) ceyda akbaş marmara Online Sunum genel insidans Accept
26 Başlık Seçin (*) Burcu Kıyak Amasya Üniversitesi Online Sunum Riordan matrislerin özel sayı dizileri üzerine uygulamaları Accept
27 Select Title (*) mehmet ali kaygusuz Middle East Technical University Online Presentation Bootstrap and cross-validation methods in graphical lasso algorithm Accept
28 Prof. Dr. Merab Svanadze Ilia State University Online Presentation Steady Vibration Problems in the Coupled Theory of Double Porosity Elastic Solids Accept
29 Assist. Prof. Dr. Maia M. Svanadze I. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University Online Presentation Potential Method in the Linear Coupled Theory of Viscoelasticity of Porous Materials Accept
30 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Emel Aşıcı Karadeniz Technical University Oral On t-norms and t-conorms on bounded lattices Accept
31 Dr. Hüseyin Koçak Pamukkale University Online Presentation Global and Blow-up Waves for the Bretherton Equation with Strong Nonlinearity Accept