List of Participants

Order Name University Type Abstract Title Situation
1 Assist. Prof. Dr. Veli Capali Suleyman Demirel University Online Presentation TBA Accept
2 Dr. Ahmed ANBER USTO Oran, Algeria Online Presentation ICRAPAM 2021 Accept
3 Prof. Dr. Ziyatkhan Aliyev Baku State University Oral On the spectral problem describing bending vibrations of a rod, at one end of which mass is concentrated, and at the other end of inertial mass Accept
4 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Faiq Namazov Baku State University Oral Bifurcation of solutions of some nonlinear eigenvalue problems with a spectral parameter contained in the boundary conditions Accept
5 Dr. Mehsin Jabel Atteya University of Leicester Online Presentation Skew-Homogeneralized Derivations of Rings Accept
6 Dr. DELALI Fatima Zohra USTO Oran University, Algeria Online Presentation ICRAPAM 2021 Accept
7 Prof. Dr. Ali Akhmedov Baku State University Oral Multiple Band Difference Operator – Matrices with Returned Sequences Accept
8 Prof. Dr. Abdellah Ould khal Med V University Poster On the Functional laws of increament of Wienner Process Accept
9 Prof. Dr. Alma Abylkassymova Kazakh national pedagogical university after Abay Online Presentation On the methodological support of teaching mathematics at school and pedagogical institution in the context of updating the content of school education Accept
10 Select Title (*) Aytekin ENVER Gazi University Poster The History of Mathematics in Stamps Accept
11 Dr. MERZOUK Hind Mohamed Seddik Ben Yahia University, Jijel, Algeria Online Presentation Symmetric Function of Binary Product of 2-Orthogomal Polynomials Accept
12 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Migdad Ismailov Baku State University Oral Analogue of the Hausdorff-Young theorem in grand Hardy spaces Accept
13 Select Title (*) Eldost İsmayılov +9945385423 Oral Accept
14 Türkan Əsədova Baku State University Oral Salam. Matematik sahəsində yenilikler yapacağım için bu kimi konfrenslara katılmak çok büyük bilgi kazandırmış olacak. Under Review
15 Prof. Dr. Nassima KHALDI University of science and technology of Oran mohamed Boudiaf- Algeria Online Presentation STABILITY OF ESSENTIAL SPECTRA OF CLOSED OPERATORS UNDER T-COMPACT EQUIVALENCE AND APPLICATIONS Accept
16 Dr. Kanat Tulenov Al-Farabi Kazakh National University Oral Multidimensioanl Hilbert operator Accept
17 Dr. abdellah Ould khal Med V University Poster on the functional laws of the increments of Wienner process Accept
18 Select Title (*) Nurlan Yerkinbayev Institute of Mathematics and Mathematical Modeling, Kazakhstan Oral Noetherian solvability and explicit solution of a singular integral equation with weighted Carleman shift in fractional space Accept
19 Select Title (*) Sevinç TAŞ Necmettin Erbakan University Online Presentation Examining the Opinions of Individuals from Different Education Levels on Mathematics Games within the Mathematics Festival Accept
20 Abir Benyoucef Badji Mokhtar Online Presentation Inverse source problem for Poisson equation Accept
21 Dr. Nazan Polat Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University Oral Soft Rings and Soft Topological Rings Accept
22 Dr. Elif BAŞKAYA Karadeniz Technical University Online Presentation Estimates for the Eigenvalues of Sturm-Liouville Problems with Symmetric Double Well Potential Accept
23 Başlık Seçin (*) ceyda akbaş marmara Online Sunum genel insidans Accept
24 Başlık Seçin (*) Burcu Kıyak Amasya Üniversitesi Online Sunum Riordan matrislerin özel sayı dizileri üzerine uygulamaları Accept
25 Select Title (*) mehmet ali kaygusuz Middle East Technical University Online Presentation Bootstrap and cross-validation methods in graphical lasso algorithm Accept
26 Prof. Dr. Merab Svanadze Ilia State University Online Presentation Steady Vibration Problems in the Coupled Theory of Double Porosity Elastic Solids Accept
27 Assist. Prof. Dr. Maia M. Svanadze I. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University Online Presentation Potential Method in the Linear Coupled Theory of Viscoelasticity of Porous Materials Accept
28 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Emel Aşıcı Karadeniz Technical University Oral On t-norms and t-conorms on bounded lattices Accept
29 Dr. Hüseyin Koçak Pamukkale University Online Presentation Global and Blow-up Waves for the Bretherton Equation with Strong Nonlinearity Accept
30 Assist. Prof. Dr. Aysel Özfidan Tarsus University Online Presentation Non-relativistic solutions for Hulthen-Hellmann potential in N-dimensions Accept
31 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Altyngul Naurazbekova L. N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University Oral Odd automorphisms of free braided associative algebras of rank 2 Accept
32 Dr. Bibinur Duisengaliyeva L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University Oral Amalgamated free product structure of the tame automorphism group of a free Novikov algebra of rank 2 Accept
33 Assist. Prof. Dr. Ayşe Kabataş Karadeniz Teknik Üniversitesi Online Presentation Asymptotic Eigenfunctions of Hill’s Equation with Symmetric Single Well Potential Under the Dirichlet and Neumann Boundary Conditions Accept
34 Dr. Esen Hanaç Adıyaman University Online Presentation Analysing the modified form of nonlinear partial differential equation with tanh method Accept
35 Habib ur Rehman Ataturk University Oral New Strongly Convergent Subgradient Extragradient Methods For Solving Quasi-monotone Variational Inequalities Accept
36 Dr. EMRAH KORKMAZ Çukurova University Online Presentation Cardinality and Rank of N(C_{n,r}) Accept
37 Muharrem Eren Kesim Atatürk High School of Science, İstanbul Online Presentation A generalisation of the Catalan numbers with a new model Accept
38 Başlık Seçin (*) Meltem SAGLAM Gazi Üniversitesi Online Sunum A NOTE TORSION-BY-NILPOTENT GROUPS Accept
39 Assist. Prof. Dr. Özgür Taşdemir Trakya University Online Presentation Generalized C4-Modules Accept
40 Dr. Övgü Gürel Yılmaz Recep Tayyip Erdogan University Online Presentation Approximation Properties by New Class Kantorovich Type Operators Accept
41 Dr. Nossaiba Baba Hassan II Oral The Tide effects on bioeconomic model of Sardina pilchardus, Engraulis Encrasicolus and Xiphias gladius in Atlantic Moroccan zone Accept
42 Assist. Prof. Dr. Khaled Nawafleh Nawafleh Mutah University Oral Treatment of Nonconservative Systems Based on the Extension of Phase Space Accept
43 Prof. Dr. Mohammad Rashid Mutah University Oral On Quasi-*-class A(n,k) operators Accept
44 Prof. Dr. Bipan hazarika GAUHATI UNIVERSITY Online Presentation xxxx Accept
45 Prof. Dr. Kamal Al-Banawi Mutah Oral Order of Transnormal Manifolds in Euclidean Spaces Accept
46 Assist. Prof. Dr. ELİF ILGAZ ÇAĞLAYAN Bilecik Şeyh Edebali University Online Presentation Categroical R-algebra As a Monoid Object Accept
47 Assist. Prof. Dr. ARCHID ATIKA Faculty of Science in Agadir, University of Ibn Zohr, Morocco, Online Presentation Global J-Lanczos Accept
48 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hüseyin BUDAK Düzce University Oral New Weighted Generalizations of Hermite-Hadamard Inequalities for Co-ordinated Convex Functions Accept
49 Dr. Hasan Kara Duzce University Oral New Generalizations of Inequalities of Midpoint Type for Co-ordinated Convex Functions via Generalized Fractional Integrals Accept
50 Dr. Fatih HEZENCİ Duzce University Oral On New Generalization of Hermite-Hadamard Type Inequalities for Fractional Integrals Accept
51 Prof. Dr. İsmail Ekincioğlu Dumlupınar University Oral B−Maximal Commutators and Commutators of Riesz Bessel transforms on B−Morrey Spaces Accept
52 Assist. Prof. Dr. Cansu Keskin Dumlupinar University Oral Weighted norm inequalities for{ B}_n-maximal operators and the high order Riesz-Bessel transforms Accept
53 Dr. Sahsene Altinkaya Beykent University Oral On Starlike Functions Related to Subordination Accept
54 Assist. Prof. Dr. Arif Gürsoy Ege University Oral Bounded Band Collocation Problem Accept
55 Dr. İsmail Aslan Hacettepe University Oral Sampling-type Nonlinear Discrete Operators and Applications to the Image Processing Accept
56 Dr. Nisa ASLAN Eskişehir Technical University Oral The Comparision of Chaotic Dynamical Systems on the Sierpinski Propeller Accept
57 Assist. Prof. Dr. Bahtiyar Bayraktar Bursa Uludag University Oral Some Integral Inequalities of Simpson Type Accept
58 Dr. YÜKSEL YALÇINKAYA SULEYMAN DEMIREL UNIVERSTY Online Presentation On The Solution of Conformable Fractional Heat Condution Equation Accept
59 Prof. Dr. OKTAY PASHAEV Izmir Institute of Technology Oral Geometric Probabilities and Fibonacci Numbers for Maximally Random n-Qubit Quantum Information States Accept
60 Murat SALDAMLI Düzce University Online Presentation Some Results in Bipolar Fuzzy Soft Topology Accept
61 Dr. Ibrahim Senturk Ege University Oral A Constructive Approach on Sheffer Stroke Reduction of Q-Algebras Accept
63 Assist. Prof. Dr. Khonatbek Khompysh Al-Farabi Kazakh National University Oral Unique Solvability of the Inverse Problem for Kelvin-Voigt Equation with Memory Accept
64 Dr. Ebru ALTIPARMAK Erzurum Teknik Üniversitesi Online Presentation Convergence Theorem of Inertial S^*- algorithm for Family of Nonexpansive Mapping with Applications Accept
65 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tuncer ACAR Selcuk University Oral Higher order Kantorovich forms of generalized sampling series Accept
66 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Özlem Acar Selçuk University Oral Some fixed point results for multivalued mappings Accept
67 Metin Turgay Selçuk University Oral Convergence of generalized sampling series in some new function spaces Accept
68 Select Title (*) Sadettin KURŞUN Selçuk University Oral Extension of approximation by exponential sampling series to weighted spaces of functions Accept
69 Prof. Dr. Mamadsho Ilolov National Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan Oral On the stability of solutions of the stochastic differential equations with fractional – like derivatives Accept
70 Assist. Prof. Dr. Osman Alagöz Bilecik Şeyh Edebali University Oral Approximation Behaviors of a Family of Sampling Type Operators in Weighted Spaces of Functions Accept
71 Dr. Mrityunjoy Barman IIT Guwahati Online Presentation Analysis of an Alternating Direction Implicit Method for a Singularly Perturbed 2D Parabolic Convection-Diffusion-Reaction Problem with Two Small Parameters Accept
72 Dr. Necla Kırcalı Gürsoy Ege University Oral ∆ - connection operator on W-algebras and its properties Accept
73 Select Title (*) Merve Parlak Bilecik Şeyh Eedebali Üniversitesi Oral Weighted Approximation by Sampling Durrmeyer Type Operators Accept
74 Dr. ASLI KARA Sakarya University Oral Fixed Point Theory Accept
75 Prof. Dr. Ali Akgül Siirt University Oral New Numerical Methods for Fractional Differential Equations Accept
76 Prof. Dr. SHEELA RAMANNA University of Winnipeg Online Presentation Quaternionic Topology of Data of rs-FMRI Brain Activation Regions Accept
77 Dr. Mehmet Çağrı Yılmazer Firat University Online Presentation On Deferred Statistical Convergence of Double Sequences of Sets Accept
78 Dr. Muhammad Farooq Khan Farooq Universiti Sultan Zainul Abidin, Gang Badak Campus, Malaysia Online Presentation Mathematical assessment of a fractional order vector-host disease model with the Caputo-Fabrizio derivative Accept
79 Dr. SANDIP MAJI IIT GUWAHATI Online Presentation An efficient numerical method for Fractional Advection-Diffusion-Reaction problem with RLC fractional derivative Accept
80 Assist. Prof. Dr. Banu Güntürk Başkent University Oral On Equivalent Measure Spaces Accept
81 Dr. Avijit Das Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati Online Presentation Stability and Error Analysis of a Fully-Discrete Numerical Method for System of 2D Singularly Perturbed Parabolic PDEs Accept
82 Assist. Prof. Dr. Başak Gever University of Turkish Aeronautical Association Online Presentation On the Ergodic Moments of a Renewal-Reward Process with a Generalized Reflecting Barrier and Fuzzy Demands Accept
83 Select Title (*) Aniruddha Seal Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati Online Presentation $L1-$method for $(alpha$,$eta)-$order two-point mixed-fractional boundary-value problem Accept
84 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Melike AYDOGAN İstanbul Technical University Oral Certain Class of Starlike Functions of Complex Order Accept
85 Dr. Zeliha Karahüseyin Istanbul Kültür University Online Presentation On a new subclass of Bi-univalent Functions associated with Symmetric Conjugate Points Accept
86 Assist. Prof. Dr. ışıl Açık Demirci MEHMET AKIF ERSOY UNIVERSITY Online Presentation Lacunary Statistical Convergence for Triple Sequence in Random 2- NormedSpace Accept
87 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Angel Zhivkov Sofia University 'St. Kliment Ohridski' Oral Numerical Integration of the Solar System Dynamics Accept
88 Prof. Dr. Eqab M. Rabei Al al-Bayt University Oral WKB approximation with Conformable Operator Accept
89 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Naeem Saleem University of Management and Tecnology Online Presentation On Some Extended Rectangular Fuzzy b-Metric Spaces Accept
90 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tihomir Valchev Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Oral On Some Nonlinear Evolution Equations Related to Simple Lie Algebras Accept
91 Dr. MİTHAT KASAP ŞIRNAK UNIVERSITY Online Presentation Generalized Lacunary Statistical Convergence Accept
92 Dr. Abdulhamit Küçükaslan Pamukkkale University Online Presentation Generalized Fractional Integrals in the Vanishing Generalized Weighted Local and Global Morrey Spaces Accept
93 Assist. Prof. Dr. Mualla Birgül Huban Isparta University of Applied Sciences Online Presentation Lacunary I-İnvariant Arithmetic Convergence of Weighted Density via Orlicz Functions Accept
94 Assist. Prof. Dr. Mualla Birgül Huban Isparta University of Applied Sciences Online Presentation Some generalizations of Berezin number inequalities Accept
95 Prof. Dr. Juan Napoles UNNE Online Presentation Some refinements of Hermite-Hadamard Inequality using weighted integrals Accept
96 Assist. Prof. Dr. Mualla Birgül Huban Isparta University of Applied Sciences Online Presentation On Hölder-McCarthy Inequality and Berezin Transform Accept
97 Prof. Dr. Lyoubomira Softova Salerno University Oral Qualitative properties of the weak solutions of a kind of nonlinear elliptic systems Accept
98 Dr. EMILIA ANNA ALFANO University of Salerno Oral Qualitative properties of the weak solutions of a kind of nonlinear parabolic systems Accept
99 Dr. Hasan Bayram Bursa Uludag University Online Presentation On Harmonic Univalent Functions and Pascal Distribution Series Accept
100 Dr. Hasan Bayram Bursa Uludag University Online Presentation Some Connections Between Special Subclasses of Harmonic Univalent Functions Involving Pascal Distribution Series Accept
101 Prof. Dr. Naima AISSA USTHB, Algiers University of Sciences Online Presentation Analysis of a Nonlinear Parabolic System Modeling Tendn Accept
102 Assist. Prof. Dr. Işıl Açık Demirci Mehmet Akif Ersoy University Online Presentation Arithmetic Convergence of Weighted Density via Ideal Accept
103 Dr. Zerrin Onder Ege University Oral On Tauberian conditions for statistical weighted mean method of summability Accept
104 Prof. Dr. Zohreh Vaziry Islamic Azad University Online Presentation Pseudonearness as an important part of Bounded Topology Accept
105 Assist. Prof. Dr. Gül TUĞ Karadeniz Teknik Üniversitesi Online Presentation Accretive Growth Kinematics via Rotation Minimizing Frame Accept
106 Dr. Muhammad Zubair Ahmad University of Manitoba Online Presentation Shape Cell Complex Change in CW Topological Spaces. Accept
107 Dr. Melek Eris Buyukkaya Karadeniz Technical University Online Presentation On the Best linear Unbiased Predictors in SULM models Accept
108 Dr. Hasan Arslan Erciyes University Online Presentation On the Möbius Function for a Coxeter Group Accept
109 Prof. Dr. Abdul Salam Jarrah American University of Sharjah Online Presentation Discrete Cubical Homology Theory of Graphs Accept
110 Assist. Prof. Dr. Nazlım Deniz Aral Bitlis Eren University Online Presentation On f-Lacunary Statistical Convergence of Order β of Double Sequences for Difference Sequences of Fractional Order Accept
111 Prof. Dr. Santosh Kumar Upadhyay Indian Institute of Technology (BHU) Varanasi Online Presentation Wavelet multipliers associated with Watson Transform Accept
112 Gencay Oğuz Ankara University Online Presentation Some Uniform Ergodic Type Theorems Accept
113 Paula Triguero Navarro Universitat Politècnica de València Online Presentation Increasing the order of convergence by Newton interpolating polynomials Accept
114 Dr. Irma Hacınlıyan Istanbul Technical University Online Presentation Quantic-Septic Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation with a Third-Order Dispersion Term Accept
115 Prof. Dr. Alicia Cordero Universitat Politècnica de València Online Presentation Stable multidimensional schemes with memory for solving nonlinear problems Accept
116 Dr. Dragan Djurčić University of Kragujevac Online Presentation On Theorems of Galambos-Bojanić-Seneta Type Accept
117 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gülesen Üstündağ Şiray Çukurova University Online Presentation Simultaneous Prediction with Target Function in Case of Multicollinearity Accept
118 Select Title (*) Ummu Gulsum Bayrak Torbalı Uludag University Online Presentation Solving of Curvatures of the Frenet Frame by Normal, Geodesic and Geodesic Torsion Equations Accept
119 Profesör Doktor. Aslıhan Demir ,Ayşe Metin Karakaş, Sinan Çalık Fırat Üniversitesi Çevrimiçi Sunum THE NEW KUMARASWAMY POWER BURR TYPE XII DISTRIBUTON: STATISTICAL PROPERTIES AND CHARACTERIZATION Accept
120 Dr. Francisco Israel Chicharro Universitat Politècnica de València Online Presentation Solution of nonlinear problems through efficient iterative tehcniques Accept
121 Assoc. Prof. Dr. MURAT KARAKAŞ Bitlis Eren University Online Presentation Some Geometric Properties of a New Fractional Banach Set Accept
122 Dr. Ekber Girgin Sakarya University Online Presentation Fixed Point Results for alpha-Geraghty-Simulative Contraction on non-Arhimedean Quasi Modular Metric Spaces Accept
123 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Fiza Zafar Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan Pakistan Online Presentation An Optimal Eighth Order Multiple Root Finding Scheme with Unknown Multiplicity Accept
124 Select Title (*) Saima Yaseen Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan, Pakistan Online Presentation A Sixth Order Family of Jarratt Type Iterative Methods for Solving Systems of Nonlinear Equations and Applications Accept
125 Assist. Prof. Dr. Giro Guillermo Candelario Villalona Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo Online Presentation Conformable iterative methods for solving nonlinear problems Accept
126 Assist. Prof. Dr. SAIMA AKRAM Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan, Pakistan. Online Presentation Constructing Efficient Two-Step Eighth Order Methods with Memory and their Stereographic Projection in Three Dimensions Accept
127 Prof. Dr. Naim Braha University of Prishtina, "Hasan Prishtina", Prishtine, Kosovo Oral Approximation by Modified Meyer–König and Zeller Operators via Power Series Summability Method Accept
128 Assist. Prof. Dr. Abdulkadir KARAKAŞ Siirt University Online Presentation Δ_p^α-Lacunary Convergence of Order β Accept
129 Melih İs Ege University Online Presentation The Higher Topological Complexity of a Fibration Using Higher Homotopic Distance Accept
130 Professor Doktor. Dieter Leseberg Ernst Reuter Gesellschaft Online-Präsentation Pseudonearness as an important part of Bounded Topology Accept
131 Assoc. Prof. Dr. ARZU AKGÜL KOCAELI UNIVERSITY Online Presentation A new family of starlike functions by means of quasi subordination on conic domain Accept
132 Assoc. Prof. Dr. ARZU Akgül KOCAELI UNIVERSITY Online Presentation On a new class of bi-univalent holomorphic functions connected with the Fibonacci numbers Accept
133 Prof. Dr. Erhan DENİZ Kafkas Universty Online Presentation Certain a Subclass of Uniformly Convex Functions Associated with Deniz-Özkan Differential Operator Accept
134 Yucel Ozkan Kafkas Universty Online Presentation Certain a Subclass of Uniformly Convex Functions Associated with Deniz-Özkan Differential Operator Accept
135 Prof. Dr. Alina Alp Lupas University of Oredea Online Presentation Differential sandwich theorems involving fractional integral of confluent hypergeometric function Accept
136 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rabia Savaş Sakarya University Online Presentation On Double Statistical Convergence in Fuzzy Metric Spaces Accept
137 Dr. Sefa Anil Sezer Istanbul Medeniyet University Oral Extension of some classical type Tauberian conditions for the (N,q) summability of integrals Accept
138 Dr. HUSSAM ALJARRAH Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Online Presentation Laplace residual power series approach for solutions of fractional Schrödinger equations Accept
139 Başlık Seçin (*) BÜLENT ALÇIN KOCAELİ ÜNİVERSİTESİ Çevrimiçi Sunum On a new class of bi-univalent analytic functions introduced through the q -analogue of Noor integral operator Accept
140 Assoc. Prof. Dr. AYNUR ÇÖL Sinop University Online Presentation The Levinson-Type Formula for a class of Dirac Operators with a Spectral Parameter in Boundary Condition Accept
141 Dr. Serikbol Shaimardan Eurasian National University Oral Some Cauchy Type Problems in fractional q-difference calculus Accept
142 Assist. Prof. Dr. Fatma Özen Erdoğan Bursa Uludağ University Online Presentation On Topological Indices of Graphs Obtained From All Linear Spaces with 6-Points Accept
143 Dr. Abdurrahman Buyukkaya Karadeniz Technical University Online Presentation On Fixed Point Theorems Involving Rational Terms via Simulation Functions in Orthogonal Modular b-Metric-Like Space Accept
144 Dr. NESLİHAN KAPLAN Sakarya University Online Presentation Coupled Coincidence Point Theorems in Complex Valued G_b-Metric Space with an Application to Stability Theory Accept
145 Prof. Dr. Wutiphol Sintunavarat Thammasat University Online Presentation A road to evolution on the metric fixed point theory and its applications Accept
146 Dr. Syed Irtaza Hassnain Thammasat University Online Presentation The existence of solutions for implicit functional integral equations by new contraction mappings Accept
147 Koray İbrahim Atabey Fırat University Online Presentation f-Statistical Convergence of Fractional Differrence on Double Sequences Accept
148 Dr. Abdurrahman Buyukkaya Karadeniz Technical University Online Presentation Generalized Simulative Geraghty Type Contraction Mapping in Modular Branciari b-Metric Spaces Accept
150 Prof. Dr. Xhevat KRASNIQI University of Prishtina “Hasan Prishtina” Oral Approximation of functions by superimposing of the de la Vallée Poussin mean into deferred matrix mean of their Fourier series in the Hölder metric with weight Accept
151 Prof. Dr. ekrem savas Uşak Oral On generalized almost statistical Convergence of weight g Accept
152 Dr. Ahmet Hayrettin Tuncay Suleyman Demirel University Online Presentation Design an Optimization Model of Hospital Digital Archives with a Genetic Algorithm Accept